Hunting Dogs


hunting-dog-big-catchA dog that completes our basic retriever training program will prove to be a productive partner in the field. The dog will be capable of quartering for the gun in the uplands, proficient at trailing cripples, and will deliver game to your hand without delay. The dog will be capable of marking and retrieving single downed birds for the duck hunter. In addition, he/she will be obedience trained and will obey the commands “sit,” “kennel,” “here,” ”quiet,” “down,” and “leave it.” The dog will be properly introduced to the electronic collar during obedience training and will accordingly obey commands without hesitation while retaining a positive working attitude. This level of training usually takes three to four months to complete, depending on the dog’s natural ability and drive.


Retriever breeds are eligible for our Advanced Retriever Training Program upon completion of our Basic Retriever Program. A dog at this level will be capable of completing double retrieves on land and water and will be fully steady. At this level of training, handling and lining drills are introduced, as well as more advanced marking concepts. Dogs that complete this program will be able to run simple cold blinds and compete in mid-level UKC and AKC hunt tests. If the dog is to be used for upland hunting, steady to flush and shot can also be taught at this point in the dog’s training. A dog that completes this level of training is a true hunting companion and is a dog that any hunter will be proud to own. This training usually takes four to six months to complete.


two-men-and-a-black-dog-hunting-725x476A dog that completes this program is an elite hunting machine. This dog has mastered the skills of an intermediate retriever plus the ability to complete complicated triple marks, blinds with hazards and poison birds, honoring, and advanced water concepts. This dog will also be steady to flush and shot in the uplands and will be adept at trailing cripples. Dogs that complete this program are usually two to three years of age and will compete at the Finished/Master/QAA levels. Not all dogs have the natural skills to complete this level of training. Total training time required to achieve this level of performance is usually twelve to eighteen months. Dogs at this level should possess exceptional intelligence, bidability, drive, and water attitude.

Level 1 Introduced to birds, water, decoys, play retrieving
 Level 2  Introduced to gunfire, collar conditioning, basic obedience, simple single retrieves on land/water, quartering to the gun
 Level 3  Introduced to force fetch
 Level 4  Introduced to line steady, doubles on land/water, pile work, double T, swim by, simple cold blind retrieves
 Level 5  Introduced to triples on land/water, advanced handling drills, complex marking scenarios, master level blind retrieves