K9 Training Team

K9 Training Team

How is YOUR team trained?

Nashville K-9's training team sets the standard for training organizations across the nation. Our internal dog training curriculum mandates a twenty-four month program of study designed to take a novice to basic trainer level that covers not only dog health and safety, but also every scientific approach to conditioning dogs. Each employee begins as a kennel technician and advances as they present on course subjects that are directly relevant to working with and around dogs. Every employee is also obliged to complete our Pet First Aid course by the end of their third month with Nashville K-9.

Ongoing training is imperative at Nashville K-9. Several times a year we bring in high-level trainers from around the world to teach our staff new and innovative training methodologies and techniques to keep us at the top of our game. Our consistent friendships and partnerships include world-renowned trainers like Tobias Oleynik, Bart Bellon, Roland Seibel, Sandro Sechi, and more.

We pride ourselves in having systems and processes in place to set the bar high for dog trainers across the nation. There is much expected from our staff. After all, we are the best.

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