K9 Services

K9 Services

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As the largest dog training company in Nashville, our combined team experience is more than any trainer or training company in Tennessee.

Personal Dog Training Services

We offer a multitude of dog training programs, but what makes us truly unique is the advanced level at which we start our training methodologies.

From advanced obedience to dog agility, our method of training relies on the dog’s willingness to comply for reward rather than compulsion or force. In group training sessions, your dog will spend more time paying attention to other dogs rather than to you. It is our firm belief that optimal training is best achieved in a daily one-on-one dog-to-trainer setting.

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Take-Home Tools

To ensure you’ll be armed with practical tools at the completion of our training programs, we will personally teach you, one-on-one, how to train your dog, gradually increasing the level of training each time we meet to foster the ideal training environment for you and your pet once you’re back at home.

Aside from the one-on-one course, we send every client home with a tutorial video and access to our online dog training website, CoachFido.com.