• S.W.A.T. Certification Complete
  • Narcotics Certification Complete

Roxy is a Wilderness Search and Rescue Dog for the Davidson County Rescue Squad. She has also trained on water and land cadaver. She’s a certified Police Narcotics dog and S.W.A.T. K-9 certified as well. Very ball crazy, excellent hunt drives, very protective but also capable of being a light switch. Extremely nimble, quick, and has high stamina, with full grips. Obedience to perfection, calm and steady nerves, nothing phases her. She’s a working dog on rubble piles that are very unstable, and her maneuverability is impeccable. Very, very high drives, excellent focus and coordination. She can catch a ball launched in the air 30ft without it even bouncing. Great hips, solid dentals, good health. For Disaster Rescue, she has great directionals, very strong victim hunt drives, and listens well. Demonstrations are available. Please see all four videos of Roxy working.

Availability SOLD
Breed Belgian Malinois
Date of Birth September 6, 2006
Sire Joey haus Janssen,Rayl, KNPV
Dam Xena van Neerland,Rayl, KNPV