Kelly Clarkson helps WCAC dog get training as Alzheimer’s aid

Dec 1, 2016

Nashville K-9, LLC, is currently training “Brady,” a rescue dog from the Williamson County Animal Center, to serve as an aid for Alzheimer’s patients at Abe’s Garden Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Center of Excellence.

Commissioned in full by Kelly Clarkson, the project will be completed with no charge to Abe’s Garden: not only was Brady donated by WCAC, but Nashville K-9 is also donating all of Brady’s training. Brady will be ready to join the Abe’s Garden family the day before the Nashville Christmas Parade.

As many Alzheimer’s and dementia patients experience mental decline including confusion, disorientation, and mood swings, Brady has been specially trained to relax patients with gentle companionship and love. Patients will be free to pet and cuddle with Brady, a happy, four-year-old mixed breed whose love knows no bounds. During the selection and training process, Brady has proved stable around wheelchairs, walkers, canes, loud noises, both slow and quick movements, and voice volume elevations. He is also well trained in general compliance and, at Abe’s Garden’s request, has been acclimated to and gets along well with cats.

Brady will reside permanently at Abe’s Garden under the primary care of three specified staff members. His happy-go-lucky attitude is sure to spread from staff member to staff member and patient to patient, improving the quality of life for all who cross his path.

“Nashville K-9 is appreciative of the opportunity to participate in this project, extending special thanks to Kelly Clarkson, Williamson County Animal Center, and Abe’s Garden for choosing them to help make Brady’s therapeutic companionship a reality for such a deserving organization,” Nashville K-9 said in a release.

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