Wallaces donate Hurricane for THP K-9

May 20, 2015


Local couple Anthony and Ashley Wallace recently donated a police dog to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The dog, Hurricane, is a high-end German shepherd trained as a police K-9 by Nashville K-9 LLC. K-9 Hurricane will be assigned to a state trooper and will undergo 10 or more weeks of certification training beginning in June.

Head THP K-9 Trainer Sgt. Karen Douglas will oversee the training for both dog and handler. Once certified, the team will work to keep the highways of Tennessee safe.

Anthony Wallace, who is an American Kennel Club certified executive protection K-9 handler, said he grew up around law enforcement dogs.

Wallace explained his grandfather, Gene Wallace a retired Chattanooga Police officer, would serve as a foster parent of sorts for retired K-9s and new K-9s before they were placed with an officer.

Wallace and his wife, Ashley, an AKC certified K-9 good citizen trainer, took Hurricane to Nashville to continue his training as a police dog. While there, he was singled out as an excellent candidate for work with the Highway Patrol.

The Wallaces decided it would be best for the dog to give him to the law enforcement agency.

“We thought it would be best for him to work, instead of laying around the house. These dogs are really the happiest when they’re working,” Wallace said.

Nashville K-9, the largest dog training company in Middle Tennessee, donates one to three dogs each year to different Tennessee municipalities at no cost to state taxpayers. A representative said this outreach is Nashville K-9s way of giving back to the community in the best way it knows how: by providing high-quality, well-trained dogs to the state organizations that need them most.


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