Williamson rescue dog to serve Alzheimer’s patients

Dec 1, 2016

A rescue dog will serve as an aid for Alzheimer’s patients thanks to the efforts of Kelly Clarkson, the Williamson County Animal Center and Nashville K-9 LLC.

When Clarkson asked for training a therapy dog, the two organizations decided to cover all expenses of Brady’s adoption and training.

Brady, a four-year-old mixed breed, will serve at Abe’s Garden Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Center of Excellence in Nashville.

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients – many of whom experience mental decline including confusion, disorientation and mood swings –  will be free to pet and cuddle with Brady.

Brady has proved stable around wheelchairs, walkers, canes, loud noises, both slow and quick movements and voice volume elevations. He is also well trained in general compliance and, at Abe’s Garden’s request, has been acclimated to and gets along well with cats.

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