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We cover a wide variety of needs at Nashville K-9: search and rescue, executive protection; we even train dogs for law enforcement agencies. However, the most important thing we do is address the needs of your house pets. From day one we implement techniques like luring, imprinting, and proofing to make sure your new family member starts out with a strong foundation of obedience and trainability. Our techniques are practical, fun, and will impress your neighbors. With a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that we stand behind our training.

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Our dog trainers have extensive experience with rescues, strays, and other dogs who may have faced challenges early in life. We are one of Tennessee’s premier facilities for obedience training and behavior problem management.

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We’re glad you’re taking your family’s safety into consideration in today’s world. We have taken the appropriate steps to ensure our unmatched experience in obtaining and training a potential personal protection dog for you.

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Nashville K-9’s team of highly experienced trainers can provide well-trained dogs customized to your commercial video shoot. Whether a music video, television advertisement, still photography shoot, or movie, we have specially trained entertainment dogs ready and waiting to go. We are also able to train on-set, immediately, dogs from other sources you’d like to use.

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Police Dogs

Dual Purpose K-9 (Narcotics or Explosives)

S.W.A.T Purpose K-9 (Apprehension Only)

Patrol K-9 (Patrol & Trailing)

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Search & Rescue

Our K-9 team objectives are to serve and protect Nashville/Overton County and the surrounding counties by volunteering our time to K-9 Search and Rescue (SAR) or recovery, utilizing canines for the relief and aid of saving lives.

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Detection Dogs

Let us search your home, vehicles, or business to ensure safety of both adults and children.

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  • malakouti

    “Special thanks to the Malakouti family for their purchase of two Doberman Pinscher protection companions.”

  • Julie-California-Protection-Dogs
    JULIE K.

    “Special thanks to Julie K. from California for the purchase of two protection dogs!”

  • Crystal-Doberman-Pinscher-Obedience-Phoenix

    “I have a one-year-old Doberman Pinscher named Ruger that I had major biting and obedient issues with as a puppy. When he was six months old I took him to a trainer that trained the old-fashioned way. This is making your dog submissive by instilling fear into them. The problem with that is he is almost bigger than me and much stronger so he is not afraid of me by any means. Using the other trainer’s techniques has weakened the bond between me and Ruger so he doesn’t want to please me or play with me. Fortunately I met Ali with Nashville K-9 who is very experienced in dog training and owns two Dobermans. He has totally different training techniques which I like much better than my previous trainer. The first time he came over Ruger responded to him extremely well; he taught me some tricks to use to regain the bond between me and Ruger. After working with Ruger a few days after our first training session I can already see a big difference in the response I’m getting from him. I’m thrilled with the outcome so far and know that with some more hard work and Ali’s help I’ll soon have the best friend I’ve always wanted.”

  • KochCedar-Rottweiler-Obedience-Training

    “I was lucky to get a beautiful, well-bred, adult Rottweiler who had no obedience training. I was having a very difficult time bonding with Cedar because she had some behaviors that I had never dealt with in my previous Rotties. There were times I was ready to give up – and then I found Nashville K-9 and contacted Ali. He diagnosed our “issues” immediately and after only two sessions, Cedar was performing her basic obedience beautifully. What’s even better was that he made very simple suggestions for things I could do with her to strengthen and build our bond. Today we are still working with Cedar but she is a different dog entirely. Our “relationship” gets better and stronger every day and I am so grateful that I found an excellent trainer and dog behaviorist.”

  • Deborah-Pomeranian-Obedience-Training

    “Ali is not only the super-trainer for big, serious working dogs, he can also train the pint-sized ones like my 8-lb Pomeranian, ADHD puppy! I’ve had other dogs I could easily train and knew Dolce was smart, so after many months I grew frustrated at my lack of progress. Then when he slipped out of the house & started chasing cars, I knew it was time for some serious help. Ali to the rescue! Ali was able to get this playful pup to sit, stay put, and come on command; truly amazing for this hyperactive dog. It is obvious after only a short time that this is not just a job Ali is good at, but he truly cares about dogs. Moreover, he is willing to share his knowledge and offer advice whenever needed. What a great resource when I’m at my wits’ end! I feel like Dolce and I both have a new friend. Furthermore, I am confident that Dolce will be safe and secure in my backyard with the tips that Ali shared with me. Thanks, Ali – you are a life saver! Literally!”

  • Mike-Doberman-Pinscher-Obedience-Nashville
    MIKE S.

    “Thanks for training me to train Greta and Faydor. You’ve really set the bar for K-9 trainers in the south. Thanks again!”

  • MikeL-Hunting-Dogs-Minnesota
    MIKE L.

    “Thanks for helping improve my dog’s obedience! Burke’s become a hunting expert! I will be seeing you soon for more hunting dogs!”

  • Sam-Basic-Obedience-Training
    SAM E.

    “Getting my new puppy a start with obedience and basic training was incredibly important to me. Ali’s work with Goldie has given us the beginning we needed. Without a doubt, I will be relying on Ali’s expertise and advice in the years to come. I also highly recommend Ali to anyone looking to get the right paw forward!”

  • drew-testimonial
    DREW. M

    “I have a six month old German Shepherd who was beginning to develop bad habits. I contacted Ali and was reassured these problems could all be fixed. ‘Nate’ spent two weeks with Ali and has started his transformation into the perfect dog. He no longer pulls with his leash and is constantly looking at me for further instruction. He would follow simple commands before meeting Ali as long as a ‘treat’ was involved, but became distracted afterwards. Now he is doing 40-50 foot stays! Ali also kept me updated every couple of days on Nate’s progress, as well as sending me pictures of his training. He also does a wonderful post-training class with the owners. The only wish I had about Nashville K-9 is that I would have contacted them sooner!”

  • Paisley-Nashville-Dog-Training
    KATI P.

    “Ali’s training has not only given me a sweet, obedient dog, but a companion for life. I love hearing from people about how well-behaved and smart Paisley is! I know she wouldn’t be this way without the help of Nashville K-9.”


Our clients love us. Please take a minute to read all of the awesome experiences we’ve been able to provide our most important asset, you!

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