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Ben’s foundation plays “matchmaker”

Nov 29, 2015

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“I would like to thank The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation andNashville K-9 for the generous donation of K-9 Fanta to the Arnold Police Department. With always declining budgets of police departments, this donation allows us to maintain a full K-9 team for the Arnold Missouri Police Dept. This is a beautiful dog and with it’s training in place, she will make quick work on our department to get her on the street, helping to serve and protect our community.” – Chief Robert R. Shockey, Arnold (MO) Police Department.

In October, Nashville K-9 contacted The Ben Roethlisberger Foundation with the hope of finding a “home” for a dog that they trained and thought would be perfect as a K9 officer for a department in need. Ben’s foundation connected Nashville K9 with all of the police department applicants that were not selected to receive a grant during this NFL season.

The Arnold Police Department in Missouri jumped at the chance! In fact, they drove to Nashville to meet and pick up the dog last week and were so excited by their new K9 officer, that they sent us the photo above.

“It’s with our great pleasure to donate K-9 Fanta to the Arnold (MO) Police Department. Fanta is a two year old German Shepherd imported from Germany and will be used as a narcotics and demonstration dog for the APD K-9 unit. She’s well trained in obedience and loves children.” – Ali Hemyari, CEO Nashville K-9.

Thank you to Nashville K9 for allowing us the opportunity to assist them in helping another community receive a trained K9 officer, free of charge, and to Jessica Duffaut at the Giving Back Fund, who oversees Ben’s foundation!

And of course, congratulations to the Arnold Police Department on your new officer!

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