Nashville K-9 donates therapy dog to WCSO for use in schools

Mar 14, 2023

Franklin-based Nashville K-9 has donated a therapy dog to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office which will serve students at Williamson County Schools and the Franklin Special Schools District.

According to a news release, Biolo is a one-and-half year old Lagotto Romagnolo who was donated by Nashville K-9 and an anonymous benefactor who also covered Biolo’s training, which is valued at an estimated $40,000.

“As many children experience family, education, and life frustration, Biolo has been specially trained to relax patients with gentle companionship and love,” the news release reads.

“During the selection and training process, Biolo has proved stable around wheelchairs, walkers, canes, loud noises, both slow and quick movements, and voice volume elevations. He is also well trained in general compliance and has been acclimated to, and gets along well, with cats.”

Biolo will reside permanently with Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jacob Morley who serves as a School Resource Officer.

Nashville K-9 opened their 9 million training facility in Franklin in 2021, and each year Nashville K-9 donates trained dogs to different law enforcement agencies, with Biolo being the fourth K-9 donated to WCSO.