Nashville Red Cross chapter to offer pet first aid course

Nashville, TN — The American Red Cross Nashville Area Chapter has partnered with training experts at Nashville K-9 to offer a Pet First Aid Course for dog owners. “This course will not only educate the new and seasoned pet owners, but also give some basic knowledge on how to recognize and care for emergencies, illness…

A day with the Urban Search and Rescue Team, the people handed some of the Nashville Flood’s saddest, dirtiest tasks

“Kinda reminds you of ‘Nam, don’t it?” says Mike Campanali to Michael Ewing, walking through what by all rights should be a field behind the Mill Creek Golf Range on Lebanon Pike. It is Thursday, May 6, though, and five days after the Nashville Flood the washed-out area still looks like a vast rice paddy….

Two Good Dogs Blog

An Interview with Ali Hemyari of Nashville K-9 by Michael Quaranta and Marston Maddox As a dog owner it your responsibility to cultivate a loving relationship, provide healthy sustenance, and create a safe environment for your dogs. Ensuring your dogs’ safety requires training. There are a variety of philosophies out there when it comes to…

Red Cross Pet First Aid

The Nashville Area Red Cross is partnering with Nashville K-9 once again in offering Pet First Aid courses designed specifically for dog owners. Pet First Aid for dogs will teach pet owners how to react to a wide range of potential ailments or emergencies and include topics such as creating a pet first aid kit,…

Shelbyville-Bedford County Humane Association CELEBRATION PET DAY

We would like to welcome more special guests this year, the group from Nashville K9. Ali Hemyari and his group will be bringing their specially trained police canines and search and rescue dogs. Read More